History of Swatch

Swatch is a brand of wristwatch that is getting more famous every year.

History of Swatch

Swatch Watch

One of the accessories that commonly wear by people is a wrist watch, when I go to work or have a dinner with friends I never forget to wear my favorite watch. Swatch is one of the common wrist watch brand that is getting its name bigger every year. From my elder sister and brother to my nieces and nephew even my wife and my son wears swatch watch. One of the characteristic that I’ve loved about this watch is its simplicity, for me there is no watch that is just like the swatch with its cheap price and simplicity. This wrist watch fits in every occasion you can wear it when you’re going in a party, wear it in work, and even in daily use. Swatch watches is famous not only in Europe but in the entire Asia to. This wrist watch is known to be a Swiss made watch and every body knows that Swiss is one of the country famous in building quality watch.
One of the swatch watch that posses is the unique design of its strap, the colorful which is the best sell during summer specially in Asia. You can compare swatch watch with the luxury watches though they carry expensive watches to for me I will choose the swatch because I already know the brand durability. Commonly this watch is made of light materials from its strap made in silicon or sometime in leather, the case of the watch is strong plastic and light materials inside it. You can also wear this watch in your favorite sports, famous snowboarder wear this simple watch while their gliding in snow, Even the Para gliders too and the divers. Commonly between men and women, women are the one who is attracted in this watch, my wife said she loved her swatch watch because it is comfortable to wear because of its strap that’s is fitted to her wrist. My 40 year old mother loves her watch because it is not that to bold or luxury look and it go through with the way she wear her clothes. Truly swatch watch is the watch for everybody.

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