History of Swatch

The new Swatch Automatic Chronographs are no exception.

History of Swatch

Swatch Automatic Chronograph

Swatch, a name that doesn’t needs any Introduction. Without any doubt what so ever in my wicked mind, I can say that SWATCH is one of the finest Watch-manufactures of all times. From Dull to Bright, from Shiny to grim, from cool to naughty, from hep to simple, from Boys to gals, Swatch makes watches for all kinds of people.
Swatch watches, commonly known for its quality and ruggedness, impedes on its sister brands by releasing a new line of automatic mechanical movement-based chronograph watches. As part of the Irony collection, these men's watches feature new movements as well as the brand’s typical lightweight and airy style -- not to mention standard plastic and metal construction that the famed Swiss brand is known for.
Oddly enough, it was the creation of low-cost quartz watches by Swatch that inspired the Swiss mechanical watch industry. Then, a few years ago, Swatch started to come out with more mechanical movements. This new Irony Chrono Automatic collection features the new ETA caliber C01-211 movement with a 46-hour power reserve. It is based on the famed Lemania 5100 movement from the 1970s.
This Swatch automatic chronograph takes five forms -- each very much the same with only cosmetic differences on the outside. Still, they each have their own personality arriving with model names like “Blunge,” “Silver Class” and “Sign in the Sky.” Note the use of sapphire crystals. Swatch watches are known for colorful displays and visual games with classic watch styles.
The new Swatch Automatic Chronographs are no exception, playing with classic looks like a diver, world timer and racing watch. Strap options include leather, metal and rubber.
One reason the Lemania 5100 movement was so famous was its durability, whose quality should have transferred to the new movement in these watches. Given the value of the watches, the movement and case does have a significant level of plastic as part of the construction, but they aren’t cheaply made. This material will have a serious effect on wear and tear of the watch itself, but hasn’t been shown to affect the quality of the movement much.
Swatch Swiss watches are considered to be one of the status symbols and thus most men always wanted to buy. Swatch itself manufactures different watches that most every one of us will surely love. Swatch is not only for men rather for women as well. This brand is widely known for its brand, originality, high class quality and high expensive price that is totally worthy for your swatch.

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