History of Swatch

Here’s a list of swatches innovations

History of Swatch

Top 10 Swatch models

The swatch is probably one of the most famous brand of watches in the world. Well, I certainly would want one as well, and if you’re asking how great it is then maybe you should see it so for yourself.
The watches from swatch was so cheap back then that collectors bought two each at that time; one to wear and the other to keep. So let’s take a look back at the amazing top 10 swatch innovations.
Coming in tenth is the first swatches. Though if seen now, it is really nothing to look at compared to others, but still it is one of the company’s first watches that revolutionized the watch industry. This brought designers and artists interested in them and made them fashion items.
The Musical series consists of some of the oddest watches Swatch ever released. They would play a tinny little tune by a famous musician. This watch is the Tone In Blue SLK100 Musical Watch which played a song by Jean Michel Jarre.
Next is the Swatch Paparazzi Spot Watch. Swatch was the first company to work with Microsoft on their SPOT technology but sadly, the tech died on the vine. Coming next to these are the swatch commercials back then that introduced swatch to the world.
Way back in 1985 a young artist named Keith Haring designed a Swatch watch, proving that art and commerce mix in delightful ways. This watch was the Serpent GZ102 Keith Haring Swatch and this whimsical watch now costs about $1000 online, a testament to the artist’s enduring popularity.
In popularity, the swatch protectors won’t let themselves not to be on the list. These rubber protectors can be bought back on 1980’s. Next is the Swatch Uhren Double Dot YKS4001. This is not really a watch rather it was called a movement. In 1999 Hayek and Nicholas Negroponte created Internet Time, a universal time standard. Popular for a few years, the fad died out recently but it’s still hanging on in some corners of the nerd community.
Running in third is the Swatch Right Track. Another amazing automatic, now with a chrono movement. Next is a pure example of Swatch’s ingenuity. Once you get hooked on the Swatch design, they throw a bunch of automatics at you. The automatic pieces like this watch take Swatch timekeeping to the next level and often made casual Swatch wearers into hard-core collectors.
Lastly, though many were produced of these watches over years, the Jelly is probably one of the oldest styles in the Swatch playbook. Completely transparent except for parts of the movement, the Jelly line defined the playful lines and odd styling of the Swatch world.
The watch you get from Swatch is definitely something unique. And in time, it may also be a part of something you may let your grand children inherit from you. This is how great these watches are, as a watch themselves and as a collection.

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