History of Swatch

Swatch Bijoux begins with Love Explosion.

History of Swatch

Swatch Bijoux

Swiss fashion watch and jewelers maker Swatch has developed five new families of Swatch Bijoux for its Lifestyle Collection. Swatch has launched its first collection of bijoux more than ten years ago, and the accessories take a prominent place in today’s Lifestyle Collection.
From the original cult plastic watches, Swatch has diversified its offerings considerably, and the company now sells more than a dozen different types of watches, including metal-bodied watches (the Irony series); diving watches (the Scuba series); thin and flat bodied watches (the Skin family); and even an Internet-connected watch that can download stock quotes, news headlines, weather reports, and other data (the Paparazzi series).
Swatches have become fashionable objects, generating specialized models (the ""Flik-Flak"" for children) quartz chronographs’, automatic and automatic chronographs’ movements, and even some diamond-decorated Swatches. The company also produces watches with seasonal themes.
Within this new Lifestyle collection there is the Swatch Bijoux colorful collection, which offers colorful rings, pendants and earrings and the Swatch Bijoux Elegant collection which offers more simple and classic jewelry. The Elegant collection is made out of stainless steel 316L and white crystals.
This Swatch Bijoux begins with Love Explosion, seven delightfully colorful Bijoux that take us to the heart of Swatch. A range of creative and color families complements the new explosion. As these colorful stars shoot through the sky, the fireworks form flowers of light whose petals fall to earth and are transformed. These colored resin drops, in the same seven colors of the rings, are set in pendants and matching earrings. Each of Love Explosion’s seven rings, pendants and earrings forms a perfect match for one of the bright new color plastic watches in the new Swatch Color Codes collection.
Swatch Bijoux is inspired by more youthful style and geometrical interpretations, bold colors with a usual elegance all combined with a slight touch of glamour. This provides an opportunity to wear Swatch not only on your wrist but also on your ears, fingers and neck.
Swatch Bijoux is unmistakably different. It’s a matter of identity, of creativity and color. It’s a way of life and a cultural code.

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